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Chong Juen Quan

At some point, every law graduate faces the daunting task of deciding amongst the many firms offering pupillage. One of the main reasons why RDL piqued my interest was because I was told that the firm maintains a high standard of professionalism and provides a supportive environment in which to learn and to grow. 

My pupillage in RDL gave me the opportunity to not only hone my legal knowledge but also to develop skills in terms of legal practice.  During my pupillage, I was afforded opportunities to, amongst others, draft written submissions, opinions, and witnesses’ statements as well as attend Court and arbitrations.  The partners and associates would regularly provide constructive criticism in respect of work done and are always prepared to teach and to provide guidance.  It is definitely true what they say about RDL; the firm does practise an “open door” policy.   

Whilst there is a rotation system employed during pupillage to ensure that each and every pupil has the opportunity to explore different practice areas, this is not strictly enforced; pupils are not restricted to doing work for a particular department and are encouraged to try out different work which may interest them.     

I am glad to have completed my pupillage in RDL. I believe that my pupillage here provided me with a rounded overview and a solid foundation for my career at the Bar.

Nicholas Mark Pereira

I recall being told by one of the RDL partners that “pupillage is supposed to be difficult and if you are finding it easy, then you are doing it wrong!” 

Pupillage at RDL was not a walk in the park; much is expected of a pupil at RDL. I was barraged with work from day 1 and by the 3rd week or so, I was already questioning whether I should have opted for an “easy” pupillage instead. 

However, after 9 months of pupillage, I can say that it was all worth it. During the 9 months, I learned more than I did at law school for 4 years. In fact, I not only learned how to become a lawyer, I also learned how to become a better person. This can be attributed to the guidance I received from the partners and lawyers. Their doors were always open (literally too) for me to pop by and ask for advice on almost anything.

I also enjoyed my pupillage at RDL. I will always cherish the fun I had in the “pupils’ room” which is a work area where all the pupils are stationed. I also had fun participating in the numerous activities organised by the firm. 

If anyone asks me about pupillage at RDL, I’ll repeat the above quote about pupillage being difficult, but I’ll add “...but, at the right firm, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it and it won’t be worth it!” 

If I had to choose a firm to do my pupillage all over again, it would definitely be RDL!

Harish Nair
Pupillage was a baptism of fire for me. I quickly realised that all those tired clichés are true - law school had not equipped me with the skills to thrive in the morass of professional legal work.  The attachments and internships I had sacrificed my holidays for had painted a rosy vignette which faded with each passing day, and “work-life balance” became a creature alien and strange, brimming with mystery and mystique.

In my attempt to get to grips with the realities of pupillage, I was helped enormously by the system in place at RDL. The work culture in the firm was a major plus point - partners and associates were always willing to help pupils improve, provided they were willing to put in the work required. Also, a large pool of pupils meant that urgent, volume-heavy work was rarely deposited unceremoniously on just one pupil, with the burden shared amongst a few. 

Looking back at my nine months of pupillage in RDL, I am thankful for the many opportunities I was given to learn and to grow. I was able to try my hand at many facets of legal practice, and worked on both litigation and corporate files encompassing various areas of the law. I observed senior partners making oral submissions before the Federal Court and the Court of Appeal, assisted my pupil-master at trials in the Subordinate Courts and the High Court, and assisted in inquiries before the Malaysian Medical Council. I was even lucky enough to be given the chance to argue a few small matters on my own in the Subordinate Courts.

At the end of the nine months of pupillage, I felt that I was ready to plunge headfirst into practice. That confidence was born from the practical and legal knowledge that I gathered from my experiences in RDL. That knowledge has become the foundation of my legal practice as an associate in RDL. I certainly wouldn’t trade my pupillage in RDL for any other.


Farah Jihan Ariffin

Having not decided on any particular area of practice, chambering in RDL allowed me to experience a broad range of practice areas.  RDL really does practise an “open-door” policy and a pupil is not strictly attached to a certain department; I personally think this is important as it enables pupils to experience a wide range of practice areas and also allows them an opportunity to pursue work which personally interests them.  During my pupillage at RDL, I was given the opportunity to develop core skills like drafting written submissions, research, preparing for trials as well as improving my advocacy skills, as the firm regularly organises advocacy training for pupils and associates.


I found everyone to be friendly, approachable and helpful in RDL; more importantly, the firm is not hierarchical.  Having completed my pupillage in 2013 with an interest in both corporate and litigation, I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be trained in both areas by my pupil master and now supervising partner, Christopher Foo.

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