Malaysia ranks second in Asean for IP protection
Focus Malaysia Article
Amendments to the Bankruptcy Act 1967: The Significant Changes
The Allied Health Professions Act 2016 & the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Act 2016
IP in TPPA: Is it really a win-win?
IP Chapter of TPP: Does it break new ground or tip the balance?
Malaysia and the TPPA: What's Next?
Legal Developments 2016 Vol 1
Legal Developments 2015
The Aviation Law Review (Second And Third Editions)
The Construction Industry Payment & Adjudication Act 2012
The International Comparative Legal Guide to Data Protection 2014 Edition
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 Digital Currency Exchanger
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 Cryptocurrency Exchanges to be Designated As Reporting Institutions & New Requirement for Banking and Money Services Business
It has been reported that Bank Negara Malaysia will designate persons converting cryptocurrencies into fiat money currencies as “reporting institutions” under the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001.  To find out more, please click on this link for our newsletter

 International Intellectual Property and the ASEAN Way
Partner Chew Phye Keat has co-authored the chapter on “Proposal for a PAN-ASEAN Trademark Registration: A Case for the Practical Application of the Interoperability Principle” in a new book titled “International Intellectual Property and the ASEAN Way”.   Professor Stacey Dogan of the Boston University School of Law has this to say about the book: “The ASEAN Way, introduced in this excellent collection of essays, defines a common set of IP-related values whilst respecting and accommodating countries’ cultural and economic differences.  This volume should be required reading for anyone involved in charting the future course of global IP policy”.
 Amendments to the Bankruptcy Act 1967: The Significant Changes
The new Bankruptcy (Amendment) Act 2017, which came into force on 6th October 2017, has renamed the existing Bankruptcy Act 1967 as the ‘Insolvency Act 1967’.  The new Act will bring about significant changes to the law.  To read more, please click on this link for our newsletter.

 Decision of the Federal Court on Liability of A Private Hospital
Partners Darryl Goon and Raja Eileen Soraya together with Senior Associate Joni Jacqueline Benedict successfully reversed the finding of liability against a private hospital for the negligence of a doctor who practised there as an independent contractor.The hospital’s liability involved arguments relating to the doctrine of non-delegable duty of care and vicarious liability. The Federal Court in its decision, delivered on 26th September 2017, agreed that while the general doctrines of non-delegable duty of care (as expounded by the Supreme Court of England in Woodland v Essex County Council [2014] 1 All ER 482) and vicarious liability (as expounded in Various Claimants v Catholic Child Welfare Society and others [2013] 2 AC 1) apply in Malaysian law, whether they would apply to a private hospital in any given case is fact sensitive. As such, there was no general determination by the Federal Court that those doctrines applied to all private hospitals vis a vis doctors practising there as independent contractors. In so holding, the Federal Court found that the High Court and the Court of Appeal had erred in holding the private hospital liable and those judgements were overturned. Accordingly, the hospital’s appeal was allowed with costs of RM100,000.00.  
 Federal Court decision in The Edge case. 
In 2015, we had obtained an order from the High Court to quash the decision of the Government that had suspended The Edge Financial Daily and The Edge, two publications owned by our client, the Edge Media Group, because of articles published on the 1MDB scandal.  In 2016, we successfully defended the High Court’s decision at the Court of Appeal.  In dismissing the appeal, the Court of Appeal upheld the award of damages against the Minister of Home Affairs for the tort of misfeasance by a public officer and the award of constitutional compensation.

On 9th August 2017, the Federal Court dismissed the appeal of the Government.  The effect of this is that there is now a conclusive precedent for awards of damages and constitutional compensation against the Government in future similar cases.  Senior partner Darryl Goon was lead counsel, assisted by partner Raja Eileen Soraya and Senior Associate Joni Benedict.
 Media Law International 2017.
Once again, RDL has been ranked in Tier 1 for our media law practice among Malaysian law firms in the 2017 edition of Media Law International, the exclusive guide to leading media law firms around the world and which provides comprehensive coverage of firms and practitioners with media law expertise, across 56 jurisdictions.  For more information, we invite you to click on this link. 

 Focus Malaysia Article.
Recently, RDL Partner Chew Phye Keat was interviewed by the weekly magazine, FocusWeek, and gave his views on the current state of intellectual property laws in Malaysia and on the need for more innovation on the part of Malaysians to create more intellectual property. Please click here for the article. Contributed by Chew Phye Keat.

 Malaysia ranks second in Asean for IP Protection.
Partner Chew Phye Keat, in his capacity as the President of the ASEAN Intellectual Property Associaton, commented on the latest US Chamber International IP Index that was released recently. Please click here for the media report. Contributed by Chew Phye Keat.

 The Allied Health Professions Act 2016 & the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Act 2016.
The Malaysian Parliament recently passed two new laws that will have a bearing on healthcare – the Allied Health Professions Act 2016 & the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Act 2016.  Please click here for our RDL Newsletter which gives useful summaries of these Acts. Contributed by Shaarenya Gurasekeran.

 Intellectual Property in TPPA: Is it really a win-win?
Chew Phye Keat, the head of the Intellectual Property & Technology practice group, gave his views on the intellectual property aspects of the TPPA  in an article published in The Malay Mail Online. We invite you to click on this link. Contributed by Chew Phye Keat.

 IP Chapter of TPP: Does it break new ground or tip the balance?
Chew Phye Keat also wrote this article that was published in The Straits Times of Singapore on August 23, 2016. We invite you to click on this link. Contributed by Chew Phye Keat.

 Malaysia and the TPPA: What's Next? 
Our partners from our Intellectual Property and Technology Practice Group shared their thoughts on the TPPA in The Patent Lawyer.  We invite you to click on this link. Contributed by Yvonne Ong & Chew Phye Keat.

 Retrenchment: A battle between employers and employees.
We often see retrenchment  exercises in the news these days.  We invite you to click on this link. Contributed by Ravindra Kumar & Tham Li Vyen.

 Malaysia faces fight over plain tobacco packaging.
Our Chew Phye Keat, who is the current President of the Asean Intellectual Property Association, speaks to CCTV News on Plain Tobacco Packaging. We invite you to click on this link. Contributed by Chew Phye Keat.


 Federal Court decision regarding standards of care owed to patients.
Our 2 clients, both medical specialists, had been sued for medical negligence by a patient. The High Court found them to be not liable at all, a finding that was affirmed by the Court of Appeal.  The patient’s appeal before the Federal Court was heard in April 2017, the Federal Court being asked to finally and conclusively lay down the test for the standards of care owed by medical practitioners to their patients in respect of diagnosis, treatment and advice of risks, since there had been 2 substantial lines of authorities, both in the High Court and Court of Appeal, which had been inconsistent as to the applicable standards of care.

The Federal Court reserved its judgment and recently, in July 2017, gave judgment in our favour, and in the process clarified the law.

Partner Darryl Goon led the team in this matter, the other members being Partner Maidzuara Mohammed and Senior Associate Charlaine Adrienne Chin.  
 Medical Negligence - Cerebral Palsy case.

Our Darryl Goon and Raja Eileen Soraya represented the medical practitioner in a complicated medical negligence case involving an infant with cerebral palsy. The matter raised issues of the standard of practice in the management of twin pregnancies by obstetricians and gynaecologists in 2002 and the causal link between the alleged negligence and the infant's cerebral palsy. The medical practitioner was successful in her appeal to the Court of Appeal against the finding of liablity made against her in the High Court. Leave that was sought to the Federal Court was successfully resisted on 28 April 2016.  
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